CNC Turning

CNC turning provides an economical way to make parts that are commonly symmetrical about an axis of revolution.  Shapes that can be made using CNC turning include a variety of plain, taper, contour, fillet and radius profiles plus threaded surfaces

At Lenane Precision Ltd we can cater for all turning needs ranging up to 300mm diameter, from 1 off to medium-volume production. With sub-spindle, driven tools and bar feeder capabilities we can offer cost effective turned parts, cutting out the need for second operation machining.

Doosan Puma 2600SY

4,000 RPM, Sub Spindle, Driven Tools, C&B Axis, Bar Feeder

Doosan Lynx 220LM

X, Z & C axis, 6000 rpm spindle, 250mm dia max turning diameter

We have experience in machining all materials from plastics to aluminium to titanium, combining this with the capability of cross drilling or milling directly on the machines ensures accuracy and cuts down on expensive second operations on secondary machines