Automated Manufacturing Cell

Lean, flexible, productive.

Automated Manufacturing Cell


Continuous improvement is a journey not a destination.

– Jim Lenane

At Lenane Precision we constantly look to the future of contract manufacturing and constantly seek to improve our processes and systems. This policy puts Lenane at the forefront of the Irish manufacturing industry.

Our new custom-designed and built automated manufacturing cell brings the latest cutting-edge technology to our factory floor. The system comprises of two Siemens 840D-controlled Doosan DVF 5000 (5-axis) machines and a Fanuc industrial robot and can operate 24/7 which streamlines the manufacturing process resulting in quick lead times and reduced costs for our clients.

Automated Cell in Action
Flexible, Reliable, Compact.

The Automated Cell consists of:

  • A robot positioning track (also known as a RTU – Robot Transfer Unit) that runs between the two adjacent positioned DVF 5000 machines enabling the robot to service both (i.e. undertaking part loading and unloading operations).
  • Integrated racking systems that hold up to 36 x standardised sized pallets (400mm x 400mm with up to 140kg maximum load) onto which workpieces are clamped and then loaded into the DVF 5000 machines, and machined components are unloaded from the machine and stored.
  • 2 metre high safety caging/fencing that encloses the robot track and that restricts access to the DVF 5000 machines’ loading/unloading operations.


Doosan DVF 5000 Machines

Two Doosan DVF 5000 machining centres are equipped with 17.5kW/12,000rpm spindles and servo-driven automatic tool changers (120 position), and feature linear guides and integrated thermal compensation systems for increased accuracies and repeatability’s.

The two machines are both equipped with the Siemens 840D control.

DVF 5000 machines are automation ready and can be supplied with an automatic door open/door close facility. The machines also have good (side) access for robot loading and unloading.

Automated Manufacturing Cell