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Quality Control


We had to put a lot of time into gaining AS9100 certification, but the effort is finally beginning to pay off.

– Jim Lenane

At Lenane Precision we pride ourselves on getting deliveries to our customers right first-time, every time. Quality control is baked in to the process from the beginning to ensure our products meet expectation.

Commitment to Exellence

Attaining AS9001D and ISO9001:2008 accreditation ensures our customers receive the traceability and quality they require. Reinvesting in the most modern machine tools enables us to give our customers the cost-effective machining solutions that they expect. We believe that building long term business relationships with our customers is the best way to serve our customers interests, and in building that relationship become an integral part of their infrastructure.

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Lenane Precision SNN 0222
Lenane Precision SNN 0222

At Lenane Precision Ltd we adhere to Quality assurance and quality control programs which are governed by the International Organization for Standardization AS9100D and ISO 9001.

Meeting and exceeding these standards allow us to manufacture and supply precision engineered components to the aerospace, medical, automotive, oil and gas sectors.

Lenane Precision Ltd. can also offer customer specific documentation, some examples listed below.


  • First Article Inspection Reports.
  • Cert of Conformance.
  • Full CMM/inspection reports.
Aerospace Approvals

On top of our ISO accreditation we also have approval from Bombardier Aerospace for machining and assembly of aerospace components.

The following is a list of our Bombardier Approvals to date:


  • BAPS 188-001 Standard Machining Practices for Metallic Parts
  • P-SPEC 637 Installation of Bearings Using Anaerobic Adhesives
  • BAPS 175-005 Installation of Interference Fit Bushings
    Limitation: Freeze Method Only
  • BAPS 151-001 Installation of Conventional Rivets
    Limitation: Manual Riveting Only
  • BAPS-157-028 Pressure and Environmental Sealing
    Limitation: Wet Installation of Fasteners & Faying Surface Sealing
Bombardier Certificate of approval